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Waldo-Tobler Lecture

On the occasion of awarding the 2016 Waldo Tobler GIScience Prize to Prof David Mark, SUNY Distinguished Professor, we are glad to announce a lecture offered by the recipient on:  

"How do People Conceptualize the Landscape? Fundamentals for Geographic Information Science"

Monday, June 6 at 15:30
Theatersaal der ÖAW
Sonnenfelsgasse 19, 1010 Wien

This lecture is accessible to the public - attendees are requested to pre-register.

David Mark

Prof David Mark is an eminent researcher in Geography and GIScience, distinguished through his multi-disciplinary contributions to the representation of geographic concepts in natural language, minds, culture and information systems. He has authored numerous outstanding and highly cited papers, as Director of the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis has led a key research initiative defining and establishing GIScience, and as educator has helped launch the careers of leading scientists. His work has been recognized by e.g. UCGIS and AAG - and we at the ÖAW Commission for GIScience are proud to welcome David Mark as the initial recipient of the Waldo Tobler GIScience Prize!

For a brief report on the award ceremony, please check out this blog entry.